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In addition to the finishing properties of electropolishing, MPE Ltd also offer the facility for precision mechanical polishing on components manufactured from stainless steel and related alloys. Our mechanical polishing specification offer the ability to achieve a super mirror finish of below 0.10 Ra micron-meters as well as the ability to achieve finishes on inside diameters to 3.00mm. Typical components requiring precision mechanical polishing are medical devices, pharmaceutical valves, pipe and tube fittings, castings, pump components and precision machined parts etc.

Mechanical polishing of stainless steel at MPE Limited
Mechanical polishing of stainless steel at MPE Limited

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Inspection & quality procedures have always been of the highest priority at MPE. Certified to ISO9001:2015, MPE are successful in attaining the high standards demanded for these quality systems to operate successfully. 

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Mechanical Polishing, Electropolishing, Pickling, Bead Blasting, Degreasing & Passivation of Stainless Steel Fabrications & Assemblies form the basis of the key specialist services that are undertaken by MPE Limited.