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Metallurgical & other benefits of electropolishing stainless steel

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Electropolishing is an electrochemical process similar to, but the reverse of, electroplating.  The process provides maximum corrosion resistance to the surfaces of stainless steel components.  The most noticeable benefits of the process are the resulting bright and decorative appearance to the processed component.  However, the metallurgical benefits are far more beneficial, leaving the material hygienically pure and highly corrosive resistant.  The process is very cost effective and very versatile.

Metallurgical & other benefits of electropolishing stainless steel

Much higher surface corrosion resistance (The surface of an electropolished stainless steel component is 35 times more corrosion resistant than an unprocessed component)

Hygienically clean surface caused by the removal of hydrogen from the stainless steel surface, making it impossible for bacteria formation

Bright pristine reflective surface giving the appearance of a ‘brand new’ component

• The process will identify any non-metallic inclusions or impurities in the stainless steel surface thus acting as a non-destructive test, ensuring the instrument does not fail during its operative state

Less friction and surface drag, inhibiting entrapment of any corrosive substances due to the smoother ‘glass like’ surface

Polishes areas inaccessible by other methods

Reveals flaws in metal surfaces undetectable by other means. Electropolishing is one of the most effective inspection tools for judging metal surfaces

• Ability to process multiple parts simultaneously

• Electropolishing is not a surface coating, therefore there is no risk of the surface distortion or peeling over time

• Renewable surface finish, hence longevity and function - greatly lessens the need to dispose of instruments/equipment

Comparing raw weld, pickling and electropolishing of stainless steel

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