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Leaping Horse



The Leaping Horse is a beautiful, life sized, sculpture by Michael Turner.  Sculpted from thousands of precise shaped pieces of mirror polished stainless steel - grade 316; now sited on an estate near London, it encountered issues caused by ferric oxide contamination from a sprinkler system sourced from a bore hole that was once an iron ore mine. After adequate filtration was fitted to the system, MPE commenced the restoration work on site. 

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The Restoration Process.

The restoration was carried out with a carefully formulated chemical dissolution of the contaminated surfaces and base plinth. It was obviously vital not to lose the mirror brightness of the surfaces. Thus chemical composition and application times were absolutely vital to the success of the project, as the remit to MPE was to return it to its "as new" condition.

After careful dissolution was complete, the surfaces were passivated to ensure surface protection was complete.

The client was then given a simple maintenance program to ensure sustainability of the magnificent structure going forward.

The sculptor and also the current owner have expressed how pleased they were with the process of working with MPE and with the finished result. 


"I'm so impressed with the results and will be happy to recommend MPE in future. You have been such an easy and professional company to work with." 



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