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Ideal for deep cleaning stainless steel surfaces, such as worktops and other kitchen appliances.

Unique Formulation

BioPass is a unique formulation combining a powerful oxidising agent with additives and stabilising agents, producing a multi-action solution that desmuts, passivates and disinfects all in one.

Requiring no activation, this product is effective in a single application.

Single Step Easy Application

It’s as simple as that, no fuss, no waste, no further treatment. A single application is all that is required to effectively passivate, disinfect and sanitise a stainless steel surface.

Product features:

  • Effective stainless steel passivation in compliance with global standard ASTM A967
  • Biocide & disinfecting properties in compliance with European EN protocols.
  • Non hazardous, biodegradable product, soluble in water and harmless to aquatic life forms
  • Removes and desmuts undesired complex metallic salts and residues
  • Can be used on other corrosion resistant hard surfaces as well as stainless steel.
  • Effective algaecide & fungicide, ideal for marine applications. Low sensitivity to light and temperature variation.
  • Ready to use, supplied in trigger spray applicators and 25 litre drums.

While the Biopass product has not been tested against COVID-19, very few disinfectants have been. It has been effective against SARS and MERS virus in the past which are part of the Coronavirus family.

Biopass stabilised hydrogen peroxide has also has been thoroughly tested against various viruses, bacteria and mould. As a multi-purpose disinfectant it can be used for surface, air and water disinfection.

Biopass will keep surfaces clean. It can be used to disinfect high touch areas such as door handles, banisters, hand rails, lift buttons etc. It is simple to use. It can be sprayed on to surfaces and left to air dry or alternatively wiped over with a dry cloth. It can be used to help keep staff and public safe.

The product can be used on many surfaces such as, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, vinyl, ceramic, etc. can be used as a fogging agent for sterilising large areas such as offices, classrooms and hospitals. Biopass is manufactured using Huwa-San TR50 and has passed the ANFOR test which is the fogging standard for health care premises.

For more information, see our Willowchem BioPass information leaflet [PDF]

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