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Bank vault before cleaningThe general perception of Stainless Steel is that it is totally resistant to staining and is indeed “stain-less” in all application. However, this is not the case.

Why does stainless steel rust or discolour?

Upon installation, a stainless steel structure is immediately subjected to the environment and its conditions. Therefore corrosion and staining can rapidly occur if the protective oxide layer is not fully formed.

Many manufacturers, workshops and fabricators that work with stainless steel will not appreciate the necessary metallurgical specifications to produce components, which are suitable for purpose and, as a result, readily turn their backs on the resulting problems that occur from that lack of knowledge. The aftermath can be frustrating, extremely costly and can sometimes be very hard to restore after installation.

How can MPE help?

Bank vault after cleaningMPE Limited specialises in treatment and processing of stainless steel and has produced a range of chemical treatment products for stainless steel cleaning, called The Willowchem Range.

In the Willowchem Range, two products have been carefully created to deliver a lasting and safe solution to staining issues on-site.

The Willowchem 61 product has been designed to dissolve and clean surface contaminants and is perfectly safe to use. This will leave a sharp, clean, uniform, stain free surface that is free of impurities.

The Willowchem Biopass product is a unique formulation with a strong oxidising agent, which disinfects and passivates the surface of the material. This is completely biodegradable and non-hazardous, which will leave the material surface in a fully passivated and protected condition.

MPE Ltd can offer on-site solutions and renovations to Stainless steel installations, as well as offering consultation reports and organising seminars in material awareness, material selection and CPD (continual professional development).

Stainless steel chemical cleaning - beforeStainless steel chemical cleaning - after
Above: Before and after process of chemical cleaning of stainless steel

On site chemical cleaning of stainless steelAbove: another example of chemical cleaning of stainless steel - carried out on site.


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