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Electropolishing stainless steelElectropolishing is an electrochemical process similar to, but the reverse of, electroplating.  The process provides maximum corrosion resistance to the surfaces of stainless steel components.  The most noticeable benefits of the process are the resulting bright and decorative appearance to the processed component.  However, the metallurgical benefits are far more beneficial, leaving the material hygienically pure and highly corrosive resistant.  The process is very cost effective and very versatile. For this process, we would highly recommend our Electrolyte Willowchem 90.  Which can be supplied in 1000 kg IBC's or 30Kg containers.

Benefits of Electropolishing.

  1. Aesthetically bright appearance
  2. Hygienically clean surface
  3. Maximum corrosion resistance
  4. Resistance to surface bacterial formation
  5. Reduces surface roughness by up 50%
  6. Identifies defects and flaws

Stainless steel pharmaceutical enclosures electropolished to ASME BPE standard using internal cathodes to achieve a flawless finish


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Electropolished stainless steel tubes Electropolishing stainless steel

Micro Finishing

The flow of the current and the natural action is to remove the peaks at a faster rate than in the troughs on the surface topography, leading to the elimination of micro roughness and has a further feature of deburring. Additionally, the surface is super smooth, making it hard for deposits and residues to attach themselves, which makes the surface exceptionally easy to clean.

Increased Corrosion Resistance

Selective removal of iron enriches the surface with Chromium and Nickel. Oxygen is liberated at the anode (positive) side of the electrolytic process and these gases flow upwards reacting and oxidising recently expose layers thus further improving the corrosion resistance.


Ultra Clean

By removing the damaged and contaminated surface layers the process exposes pure crystalline, ultra clean base material. This restores the original properties of the material and makes the surface suitable for ultra-clean applications. Further more, external surface stresses in the upper layers are relieved. Component sizing may also be undertaken by employing tightly controlled parameters.


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