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We are helping medical, pharmaceutical, biotech and engineering industries to fight the coronovirus by offering services such as...

Electropolishing, Passivation, Chemical Cleaning, Fogging, Dry Steam Sanitising & Decontamination. Industrial deep cleaning and testing work undertaken. Large areas, no problem.

How we can help?

Biopass solution is a unique formulation combining a powerful oxidising agent with additives, that make Bipoass a multi action Biocide and Virucide, as well as a sanitising and passivation agent. Requiring no activation, this product is effective in one single application and is totally biodegradable.

Single step easy application

  • Effective stainless steel passivation in compliance with global standard ASTM A967
  • Biocide & disinfecting properties in compliance with European EN protocols.
  • Non hazardous, biodegradable product, soluble in water and harmless to aquatic life
  • Removes and desmuts undesired complex metallic salts and residues
  • Can be used on other corrosion resistant hard surfaces as well as stainless steel.
  • Ready to use, supplied in trigger spray applicators and 25 litre drums.
  • Can be applied by fogging or dry steam methods for large areas, such as industrial kitchens, etc.

Willowchem Stainless Steel Cleaner 61

Specially blended for stainless steel applications with superior and powerful cleaning action to attack surface contamination.

  • Ideal pre-treatment process prior to pickling or electro polishing
  • Low hazard classification, listed as only an irritant and non corrosive, reducing hazard risks and impact to the environment


No specialist equipment is required for trigger spray applicators. 25 litre drums: a chemical industrial punp action spray device is employed (incorporating polyethlyene, polypropyfene and stainless steel exposed and moving parts).

Application time

Depending on degree of cleaning and degreasing necessary, assuming the ambient temperature is above 10ºC, a dwell process time of 10-30 minutes is normally sufficient.


Cleaning and degreasing efficiency is greatly depleted at both ambient and product temperatures below 10ºC.

Post treatment

On completion of the process components should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water. To obtain full corrosion resistence, stainless steel surfaces which have been cleaned should undergo a final passivation step.

Willochem Biopass is an ideal product for this operation, a non hazardous, biodegradable multfunctional product with desmut, passivation and biocide properties, rendering all surfaces free from bacteria and viruses.

Safety precautions

Willowchem Stainless Steel Cleaner 61 is a mixture of low concentration acide and additives. It is classified as an ‘irritant’ and not a corrosive. Care should be taken when handling and using this product as well as wearing the apporpriate protective clothing.

This is a short clip showing our sanitisation process within a client's welfare unit. This is our Fogging Method mist system, using a Hydrogen Peroxide biocide solution to sterilise the work unit from Covid-19.

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